By Tiline

Domitille and Justine are two sisters who founded By Tiline together in 2017. They create unique and sustainable scented candles inspired by the city of Paris and its monuments. The visual identity aims tu capture the timeless elegance of By Tiline’s products: subtly representing the combination of light and decoration that a candle brings to a home, the logo is a minimal and modern illustration that can stand alone or be associated with the wordmark. The packagings and printed materials utilize blind embossing in the yellow and dark hunter green that are the brand’s colors, and simple stickers are used to seal the boxes.
Their first collection of four candles, the 'Paris Collection', was inspired by four monuments of the city: Notre Dame de Paris, the Centre Pompidou, the Opera de Paris, and the Pyramide du Louvre. Each minimal pattern captures the essence and style of the building, to create a unique object that will live and be re-used long after the candle has been fully consumed.

Creative Direction: 
Maud Passini


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